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Why Is it Good to Use Irrigation Systems?

Irrigation involves a small- or large-scale system designed to move water onto soil, which usually contains plants or seeds. Systems of irrigation utilize pumps and other technologies to minimize human effort. The practice of irrigation began thousands of years ago in the early history of agriculture. For example, the ancient Egyptians harnessed the Nile's waters to nourish their crops and develop a civilization. Today, irrigation technologies are more advanced, more varied and provide numerous benefits to the user.

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  1. Irrigation systems employ time- and labor-saving technologies. Rather than irrigating by hand with a bucket or watering can, an irrigation system allows the user to simply flip a switch. Physical labor is involved mainly at the time of installation.
  2. Even Watering

  3. Properly installed irrigation systems provide an even distribution of water to a soil and plant surface. Hand irrigation runs a higher risk of human error and uneven watering. Uneven watering can result in uneven growth and even plant death.
  4. Efficient Watering

  5. Irrigation systems provide more efficient watering than hand irrigation. All other benefits combine to make efficiency possible. Reduced labor allows the user to engage in other activities. Watering evenly with proper timing and consistency ensures optimal soil moisture. Finally, protection against drought minimizes plant loss, thereby increasing cultivation efficiency.
  6. Timing and Consistency

  7. Irrigation scheduling allows the user to take full advantage of the efficiency benefits of irrigation. For example, the user may set an irrigation system equipped with a time-controlled switch to water plants in the evening, when the risk of evaporation is low. Moreover, the irrigation system user is not required to remember to turn on and off the irrigation.
  8. Drought Safeguard

  9. Scheduling and consistency of watering leads to the final benefit of irrigation systems: drought safeguard. An irrigation system protects the irrigated land from lack of water. Hand irrigation is difficult in large areas, and even in small areas during a drought